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Data Collector's Application MD-COLL

One source of difficulties with an adequate documentation of a survey and data is the lack of an integrated instrument to capture related metadata when they first appear and in a standardised format. Collection of metadata starts with the survey design… more »
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Expectations and Benefits

database model
The MetaDater will be an infrastructure instrument which facilitates metadata transfer from primary data producers to data providers and supports primary data producers and data providers in supplying the end-user efficiently and continuously with relia… more »
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Application MD-PRO

MetaDater will support different stages of the comprehensive data provider workflow for a survey. The target groups for this tool are social science data archives, but also large research institutes or data service centres as far as they are carrying ou… more »
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Comparative Social Research

Definition of Metadata for Comparative Social Research: The metadata referred to in this project is the physical representation of metainformation including all elements of information which effectively guide and support the process of identification an… more »
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Benefits of Meta Data

MetaDater will provide Data Infrastructure instruments to improve the collecting, processing, managing & distribution of metadata by more efficient and economic procedures to contribute to best practice in preservation & resource sharing of… more »
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metadata on Comparative Surveys

// San Mateo court is part of The Superior Court of California. It offers various branches with different locations like Southern Branch for Hall of Justice and Records, Southern Branch Annex for traffic cases, Northern Branch, Central B… more »
This project is an example of European cooperation on scientific and academic studies relating to online security and analytics. Ut was incepted long before the cookie law of European Union took shape.


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