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Edward Snowden Scandal

A recent spy scandal about information leaker Edward Snowden has revived the term meta data. Countless Americans are protesting on Washington's streets holding signs "hands off my meta-data" demanding the NSA to stop spying on people without credible reasoning according to a recent article on CNN:
Edward Snowden has been leaking confidential US government data as a former contractor of the US government agency. He is currently stuck at Moscow's international airport without valid travel documents.

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Data Collector's Application MD-COLL

One source of difficulties with an adequate documentation of a survey and data is the lack of an integrated instrument to capture related metadata when they first appear and in a standardised format. Collection of metadata starts with the survey design and the development of suitable instruments (questionnaire; collection instrument), continues with its implementation in the field and may find a preliminary end when data are validated or analysed for the first time or if new variables are constructed in this phase.

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Expectations and Benefits

database model
The MetaDater will be an infrastructure instrument which facilitates metadata transfer from primary data producers to data providers and supports primary data producers and data providers in supplying the end-user efficiently and continuously with reliable, high quality, standardized and durable information about survey data. The MetaDater also supports long-term preservation of data and related metadata, to keep the "digital heritage" in the field of social research. The benefits will not just be relevant for the existing institutes but also for the emerging infrastructures in Middle and Eastern European countries.

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Application MD-PRO

MetaDater will support different stages of the comprehensive data provider workflow for a survey. The target groups for this tool are social science data archives, but also large research institutes or data service centres as far as they are carrying out comparable tasks such as extensive data documentation and publication for secondary analysis. Construction and management of metadata concerning this workflow will also apply for the primary data producers. The main routines of the procedure are:
  • Data acquisition, cataloguing and archiving and quality management;
  • Data control and processing (including harmonisation across time and space)
  • Extensive documentation on study and variable level and Metadata standardisation
  • User, data dissemination and metadata publication management.
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    General management of metadata includes two types of tasks: The 'Management' must handle comprehensive data holdings and collections of single data sets in an integrated manner. This is achieved in a relational database through normalization, each bit of information being recorded only once, in a specific field of a specific table. That aspect distinguishes most clearly this approach from the document approach of XML files. Secondly, a database application has to include fields and functionalities appropriate for managing processes in which data and metadata are involved. To organize these requirements the first product of the MetaDater project will be a comprehensive data model of metadata for the outlined scope of surveys. The model will cover the whole life cycle of such surveys within the logic of metadata. It gives the frame for different tasks like managing, preserving, standardising and exporting metadata and the respective applications covering the survey design and implementation phase, the data collection and data processing phase, as well as including generic management and dissemination tasks with different quality protection aspects.

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    Comparative Social Research

    Definition of Metadata for Comparative Social Research: The metadata referred to in this project is the physical representation of metainformation including all elements of information which effectively guide and support the process of identification and extraction of relevant survey data and those which are needed for their valid interpretation. A special focus will be on information needed in secondary and comparative analyses. These "human oriented" metadata range from basic information on the meaning of coded numbers to external
    background information. They are complemented by machine-readable "process"
    meta-data for statistical systems or workflow processes. Webmaster forum do exist.
    Online Resources:
    Data providers include webmaster blogs have been the first to insist on the importance of good metadata for affiliate marketing. This is due to their intermediate position between primary data producers and data users. They have also initiated and supported the development of the now broadly acknowledged DDI specifications for survey metadata.

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    Benefits of Meta Data

    MetaDater providea data definition infrastructure for instruments to greatly improve the process of collecting, then processing, managing and distribution of real metadata by more efficient and very economical procedures, to contribute very best practice in preservation, resource sharing of data and metadata, by supplying our end-users with reliable, standardized, durable & high quality information about comparative survey data, to increase the knowledge base about European & global socio-economic developments, to foster interoperability between databases for secondary analysis in this fields
    Objectives of the MetaDater Project
    Modern democracies produce a growing database for empirical social research. This increase is only manageable with data and metadata management instruments that make the preparation of data files for access and further analysis more efficient. So far, there exists no comprehensive system that integrates the functionalities required for metadata standardisation, data storage and final output into the workflow.

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    metadata on Comparative Surveys

    The Conceptual Data Model for metadata on Comparative Surveys * Describes the collecting and processing of survey data within the logic of metadata grounded in the life cycle model on studies for empirical social research developed. * It includes generic management and dissemination tasks like preserving, standardizing & exporting of metadata. * The data model is compatible to the DDI standard 2.1. It extends the data model to describe metadata on time series and repeated comparative studies. * The conceptual data model was distributed to the scientific community like the CSDI and standardizations bodies like the DDI to support recent developments in that fields. The recent edition of the conceptual data model version is available for scientific use according to common information and citation rules

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    This project is an example of European cooperation on scientific and academic studies relating to online security and analytics. Ut was incepted long before the cookie law of European Union took shape.


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